Friday, May 8, 2009

A peacefull afternoon Fishing

Well yesterday we went down to the channel for a quick fish we are currently in the process of catching bait for the lobster season as it has already started yay and yummy although we did not catch any fish on this occasion the previous day we sat there and caught 8 carp although i was the only one to catch the loneliest number 1 ................................1 lousy carp out of 8 how bad is that i do though blame this on bobby for taking "my" fishing spot i suppose you really have to leave your line in for an extended period of time to actually catch a fish this i did not do i kept seeing bigger and better spots to fish this does not always work..........anyway it was still fun and its even more fun to go catch the big one LOBSTERS well heading off for now as i have to go work my ass off at footy training peace out my loyal readers.....or reader lol love you mum!!!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Its been So Long

Well hello there people it has been a long time since my last blog and i know i know i have been very slack i know mum will be happy that I'm blogging because mums probably the only one that actually reads this lol hello mum!!!!! well we played league tag on Saturday and totally kicked ass the score was 6-1 and although i did not cross the line for try i am still pleased with the performance i gave on the field a very good day tonight i have training and i don't really feel to well i think i am coming down with jugs bug that he seems to think its OK to pass around to everyone oh well i will live anyway i have here a pic of how far along my blanket is going although i don't think it is going to keep to much warm we also went out to catch some carp for lobster bait today and caught about 6 or 7 i cant remember but i do remember how bad it feels when every other bastard is catching a fish and you can't even hook one lol maybe next time

Thursday, April 2, 2009

My Iddy Biddy Rooster Boy!!!

So here he is my Iddy Biddy Rooster Boy dressing up in anticipation of his big debut on Saturday i wish i could be there but mumma has to play football to hope he goes well my little winger making a breakthrough down the outside and a big dive and he scores yay Jake you little rippa anyway its very exciting for my boy i can't wait to hear the results of the big first game. signing out for now Peace out!!!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Giddy up CowGirl!!!!!!

Hey there been a while huh anywayz heaps of stuff happenin this week well last saturday we played our first trial match for footy and we got beat but i blame that one on the shitty ref yep all his fault and on sunday we all went to the movies to watch IGOR it was pretty good tomorrow i have to go to the dentist and i am right out shittin about that and then also jake makes his debut in rugby league on sat but i won't be there to watch as i will be playing in my own knockout but i wish i could watch him too how cute is he goin to be hope he doesnt get hurt anyway thats really all thats been goin down in big Whitto town and i'm off to go read my scary book which has me entranced between its cover lol peace out!!!!!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Hey every one this is the new addition to our family his name is Micky and he is a 8 year old shetland pony and the kids absolutley love him he is totally bomb proof which for all the non horsey people out there means that even if a bomb goes off the horse wouldn't flinch don't feel ashamed you didn't know that cos i only found that out not long ago any way back to the kids they love him Kiera i think loves him a little too much we know this because everytime we go over there to see him we can't come home without a screaming match and i am so so sure that she would sleep over in the paddock with him if she could Jake though has been feeding him every morning a biscuit of hay without fail good little lad oh how i wish he would take to cleaning his room as he has taken to looking after this horse so eagerly anyway enough of the horse today i acheived a lot cleaned the car swept the front verandah done the washing cleaned off the crap hanging around on my tea and coffee shelf and my does it look so much better made dentist appointments for both the kids and cooked my sons favourite porkypine rissoles and a lovely potato bake mmmmmmmmmmmmm was sooo good anyway i think i have written enough for today so im off to watch the rest of ghost whisperer and get to bed maybe a little earlier than last night goodnight all..........peace out

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Lets Get Clean

Well same old same old for today a whole day of sitting in front of a computer just as i predicted although i did complete an assessment don't know if i passed or failed yet guess i will find out next Wednesday when i venture into Leeton for my all dayer I have started doing spreadsheets and feel that i am going to suffer immensly with this subject although people say that they are quite easy i beg to differ anyway we will see how i go. Here you will see my babes in tha tub having a washy wash they are both well although they do drive me absolutely insane but anyone with children with truly agree with that statement.....................................Anyway im off for now and goodbye BLOGHEADS..........Peace out

Monday, March 16, 2009

today is tuesday

Well as the title reads today is tuesday nothing on for today except catching up on some washing and doing a bit of lazing around before i have to go back to tafe tomorrow for a whole day staring at a computer might watch some more mcleods daughters if i am allowed to have the tv off my little one KJB just took the big one JRB to school where i hope he doesnt get nits again stupid school theres always some feral little kid with em got training tonight so i cant wait for that its always fun tyreing but fun anyway im off to start the washing peace out!!!!!!!